Y & PM, Château Meyre, France

Y & PM, Château Meyre, France

In January, I received an email from a very special couple who were looking for a bilingual celebrant to unite them in marriage at Château Meyre on July 28, 2018. We met in person a few weeks later as they traveled to Bordeaux to start planning their wedding.Youli and PM’s story started in 2014. Even though it was a little different from any other as, let’s say, it wasn’t what we call “love at first sight”, they were both destined to be together sooner or later.  Youli and PM had a lot of courage and strength to keep their relationship alive despite distance as they had to move away from each other due to work.

Their relationship remained strong and last year in September 2017, PM proposed to Youli at an island called Lombok next to Bali after a long hiking day.

The big day arrived, the sun shined for us.“Marie Fleurs” did an excellent job decorating the venue and everything looked absolutely gorgeous.

The ceremony was officiated in french, english and korean, a first for me. In order for it to be fluid yet emotive for everyone, I sent the most important parts of the final speech to Debby (Youli’s friend) beforehand in order for her to translate it in korean. Debby was a big part of the success for this ceremony as all the family coming from Korea where able to live and understand this unique moment. Youli and PM included the wine ceremony and personal vows for their special occasion.

After pronouncing them husband and wife, PM kissed Youli and they walked down the aisle as husband and wife along with big smiles, paper planes and cheering from their friends and family.

I loved the fact that they had the original idea to go to the “Dune du Pilat” (the highest sand dune in all Europe) for their photo/video shoot earlier and the fact that Youli chose three different wedding dresses for this day. She looked stunning in all of them!

I am sure that with the complicity that you both share, your happily ever after is guaranteed!

“Professionnelle et pointilleuse, elle fut un don du ciel

Professional and caring… she was godsend !

Au début, nous étions heureux d’avoir trouvé quelqu’un qui parle anglais et français à Bordeaux, mais elle était tellement plus qu’un simple célébrant bilingue. De notre première réunion au jour du mariage, elle nous a guidés tout au long du processus et a rendu notre cérémonie vraiment spéciale. Nous avons senti qu’elle était vraiment passionnée par ce travail et qu’il était très facile de travailler avec elle. Même si nous planifions le mariage depuis Singapour, elle répondait toujours rapidement à nos e-mails et la communication n’a jamais un problème.
Ma famille ne parlait pas anglais / français, alors Blanca a fait un travail formidable en travaillant avec mon ami pour s’assurer que tous les éléments clés étaient également traduits en coréen, afin que ma famille ne manque rien. Nous avons eu des changements de dernière minute malheureux, mais Blanca a géré cela de manière très professionnelle.

Tous nos invités ont été impressionnés par notre cérémonie et ont félicité le célébrant. Nous nous sentons chanceux de l’avoir trouvée et recommanderions son service à tous les couples nouvellement engagés !


At first we were just happy to have found someone who speaks both English and French in Bordeaux, but she was SO MUCH MORE than just a bilingual officiant. From our first meeting to the wedding day, she guided us through the whole process and made our ceremony feel really special. We felt that she was genuinely passionate about this work and she was very easy to work with. Even though we were planning the wedding from Singapore, she was always quick to reply to our emails and communication was never a problem.

My family didn’t speak English/French, so Blanca did amazing job working with my friend to make sure all key parts were also translated in Korean, so my family wouldn’t miss anything. We had some unfortunate last minute changes, but Blanca handled it super professionally.

All our guests were impressed with our ceremony and complimented the officiant. We feel lucky to have found her and would recommend her service to all newly engaged couples !”