D & M, Château Pontet d’Eyrans

D & M,  Château Pontet d’Eyrans

This stunning couple met in 2012 in Italy and fell in love immediately. Their connection was so strong, that it didn’t know any distance. After spending days talking through skype and texting to each other to keep their relationship alive, Danielle decided moved to Bordeaux to be with Matthieu and also to learn some french. Falling in love was easy living in a city surrounded by gorgeous vineyards with excellent wine, as Matthieu is an sommelier.

Danielle and Matthieu made a compromise  to each other in order to be together a few years later and decided to move to Florida where they reside nowadays.

They picked the Château Pontet d’Eyrans for their wedding day as Matthieu’s family lives in the area… and of course, who wouldn’t want to get married in this fairy tail venue? This château is by far, one of my favorite places to celebrate love in the South West France. The surroundings are magnificent plus the owners are very easy going.

Danielle contacted me just a couple months before their wedding  as she wanted to get married at the local church but it was too complicated.

We exchanged a couple of skype calls in order for me to know their story better to write the perfect speech for them. Both are such beautiful people inside and out. The planning for the ceremony went very smooth, they just wanted to have a light hearted bilingual ceremony.

They opted to have an “unplugged wedding ceremony ” to ensure that everyone shared this special moment with them instead of looking through their phones. The ceremony was beautiful, filled with joys and love from all their friends and family.

Just a little after the ceremony finished, the sun came out just in time for the stunning photoshoot they had by the talented Ledia Tashi Photography. 

Thank you Danielle and Matthieu for your trust and kindness.


I recommend Blanca to all future bride and grooms! Our wedding would not have been as special as it was without Blanca. First, she responded to my message on Facebook right away. We spoke on the phone the next day to talk about Mathieu and I and what we wanted for our ceremony. She also sent me questions on e-mail. Blanca is very passionate about her profession. I planned our wedding from America, so it was not easy with certain vendors, but Blanca was the best person to work with. We had a franco-american marriage, so half of the guests spoke english and the other half spoke french. She created a ceremony where everyone could understand. It was so amazing! Every sentence she spoke in English she also spoke in French. The guests were so pleased. Her speech was very beautiful and emotional; everyone loved it. Thank you so much Blanca 

FR. Je recommande Blanca à tous les futurs mariés! Notre mariage n’aurait pas été aussi spécial que jamais sans Blanca. D’abord, elle a répondu à mon message sur Facebook tout de suite. Nous avons parlé au téléphone le lendemain pour parler de Mathieu et moi et de ce que nous voulions pour notre cérémonie. Elle m’a également envoyé des questions par e-mail. Blanca est très passionnée par sa profession. J’ai organisé notre mariage d’Amérique, donc ce n’était pas facile avec certains vendeurs, mais Blanca était la meilleure personne avec qui travailler. Nous avons eu un mariage franco-américain, donc la moitié des invités ont parlé anglais et l’autre moitié parlait français. Elle a créé une cérémonie où tout le monde pouvait comprendre. C’était tellement incroyable! Chaque phrase qu’elle a parlé en anglais, elle a également parlé en français. Les invités étaient très heureux.  Son discours était très beau et émotif; tout le monde l’aimait. Merci beaucoup Blanca

photos courtesy of Ledia Tashi Photography