N & J at “Johannesburg Country Club”, SA

N & J at “Johannesburg Country Club”, SA

In March, 2018 I had the amazing opportunity to travel all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa to celebrate the wedding of Nicola & Jonathan. Even though I have celebrated over 180 weddings since I started my career as a professional officiant in 2014, this was a very special one.  Nicky happens to be my best friend for over 18 years. Even though we have lived far from each other since a very long time, our friendship remains strong.

Nicky and Jono came to Bordeaux in April, 2017 to spend some quality time together with my husband and I. One night out of the blue, they popped the question…. “we’re getting married, would you please be our celebrant”?  I was so thrilled & honored , I immediately said “I DO”.

Nicky and Jono irradiate love, happiness, energy and are both such beautiful souls. Their union was an evidence.

We planned all the details via skype, whats app and email beforehand in order for them to be relaxed on their wedding day.

Finally, after a year of planning, my husband and I were in Johannesburg, getting ready to celebrate. Even though it rained non stop for 2 days before the big day, on Saturday, March 24th, 2018 the sun came out for all of us!!

And there we were, at the gardens of the Johannesburg Country Club, surrounded by their family and friends who came from all over the world to demonstrate their love and support on this special day.

Jono looked sharp and couldn’t wait to finally marry his best friend, lover and mother of his baby Maya.

First, Nicky’s brother started the processional with baby Maya in his arms.  Nicky’s sister followed  and finally, there she was, Nicky holding her dad,  glowing, walking down the aisle between the old oak trees, family smiles and tears of joy.

The ceremony was just magical, filled with personal touches, lots of emotions, happy tears and bliss from their loved ones. My heart was full.

Thank you for trusting me. Please always remember how you felt on this magical day and keep nurturing your love with every day details. I love you.


“Dear Blanca,

Thanks for your patience regarding this testimonial and apologies it’s taken us so long.
As a start, it has been more than 5 months since our wedding and our guests are still talking about
our wonderful wedding ceremony. The personal touches and professional nature of the ceremony
were the standout features for all our guests. We remember you walking around, making regular
eye contact with them, as you took them through each stage of the ceremony. This was a wonderful
touch as they felt they were included and there was not a dry eye in sight!

Being married by my best friend of 18 years was incredibly special, like something out of a fairy-tale
story which added another incredible layer of love and warmth to the ceremony. You also made the
effort to get to know Jono individually in the months leading up to our wedding and to get to know
us as a couple. This was evident in the way you incorporated our love of wine. You created a unique
moment for us, with the wine ceremony and letters that we had written to one another. We look
forward to opening our wine crate and reading our letters in years to come and reliving our special

Thank you for all your help and support in the months leading up to our wedding – making sure we
were on track with our relationship, considering (and completing) our vows and asking us a variety
of questions so that we were prepared for our day in the best possible way.

Above all, thank you to you and Diego for coming to South Africa to share and be an integral part of
our special day. This time spent with you both will live long in our hearts. We know our daughter
Maya loved spending time with her Tia y Tio and we all look forward to seeing you soon.

Lots of love,

Jono and Nix
24 th March 2018

Photo credit. As Sweet as Images. http://www.asaimages.com/